iPhone 5 Battery Problem Reported After New iOS 6 Update

iPhone 5 Battery Problem Reported After New iOS 6 Update

iPhone 5’s newest update is causing a shorter battery life, according to users.

Apple released a patch for its iOS 6 operating system this week, and starting Wednesday some iPhone 5 users started to complain that the battery power was draining considerably faster then before.

The iOS 6.0.2 update was released to help fix some of the Wi-Fi connectivity issues that users were experiencing with their iPhone 5 and iPad minis.

Soon after the update was released, Apple support started getting calls regarding how quickly the iPhone 5 battery was losing its charge. One user claimed that over the course of 3 hours, the battery was down to only 40 percent after only minimal phone usage.

Currently there is no statement from Apple regarding the problem, and there is no clear cause of the problem. Some are speculating that the patch to fix the Wi-Fi issue is causing the iPhone 5’s antenna to act different.  It’s unclear as to why this would be affecting the iPhone, but not the iPad mini.

With the holidays now upon us, it’s not likely this issue will be solved until the new year. Be sure to follow CP for updates on this story as they come in.

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