iPhone 5 Latest: Sept 12 Intro, Sept 21 Launch/Release Date

iPhone 5 Latest: Sept 12 Intro, Sept 21 Launch/Release Date

Apple-iPhoneWe’ve been tracking a moving target when it comes to the release date for the next generation iPhone from Apple.

But the rumors now appear to be coalescing around a September 12th introduction, with a September 21 launch date here in the US. Of course, the dates are just the latest internet buzz – however, a jump in stock prices would indicate that owners of Apple stock are expecting something new pretty soon too.

Along with the new iPhone 5, internet buzz would also suggest Apple may introduce a new, smaller version of an iPad – something that will likely put Amazon’s Kindle Fire to shame (though there are rumors that suggest Amazon will be introducing a new model soon too). There’s also an Apple HDTV supposedly in the works. Would Apple launch all these new products simultaneously? That would make for quite a spectacular event!

So where does all this nebulous internet buzz originate?

It usually comes from sources, usually unnamed, in Apple’s supply chain. The leaks are often reported first on websites located in Asia, where the bulk of Apple’s supply chain exists. Often there will be unnamed sources “close to Apple” or “with knowledge of the details” that are quoted by US based tech sites as an Apple event nears. Might Apple itself leak details before an event to build excitement?  Hard to say, but they probably don’t have too. They undoubtable send pre-announcements to select personal in major media outlets, based on the condition of not releasing the story until a certain date – and certain details are bound to leak from those.

Are these intro and launch dates for the iPhone 5 for real? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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