T-Mobile iPhone 5 $99.99, iPhone 4S $69.99, iPhone 4 $14It’s been a while since the news about T-Mobile to start selling iPhones surfaced.

The carrier has finally confirmed the availability of Apple handsets on its network, which also includes the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile states the iPhone 5 is going to be available starting on April 12th. It’s going to be priced at $99.99 up front, with two years of $20/month installment payments (on top of carrier fees).

The lineup also includes the iPhone 4S, which will be available on the network for $69.99 plus $20/month of recurring payments for two years.

During the two year term, consumers will be able to leave the carrier, but the $20/month charge will continue through the terms of the agreement.

The iPhone 4 is the lowest priced handset announced by the carrier. It’s going to cost $14 plus $15 per month for two years.

The carrier said pre-orders for the iPhone 5 will begin on 5th April, and that the iPhone 4S and 4 will only be available in selected markets.

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