iPhone 5c Discounts Avail At Target, Walmart, & Radio Shack

iPhone 5c Discounts Avail At Target, Walmart, & Radio Shack

Major retailers are putting the iPhone 5c on sale now.

Retailers are gearing up for the holiday season and why not start by slashing the prices of some of the hottest and best smartphones out on the market today?

The iPhone 5c seems to have had the most discounts put on it. It’s price has been cut in half for the holiday season!

Apple had disappointing sales results with the iPhone 5c and has cut production of the phone in order to make a profit.

Retailers seems to have taken advantage of the slump and are offering huge discounts to consumers.

Originally priced at $99 on contract, the iPhone 5c will now be priced at $50 at , RadioShack and Target.

Best Buy was the first to make the announcement, with the others following Best Buy’s lead. Best Buy is no longer offering the $50 discount as of Nov. 2.

Walmart, who already had the phone discounted to $50, cut the price even further by listing the phone at $45.

All of the major retailers are offering the iPhone 5c in all of it’s original colors, and all are still offering iPhone trade-in programs.

If you don’t know about the iPhone trade-in program, it’s where customers can trade in old (sometimes broken) iPhones for in-store credit towards a new iPhone purchase.

In-store credit can go as high as $300. The trade-in programs aren’t universal, they vary by retailers in certain areas.

Shoppers may see more smartphone discounts in the coming week, but an iPhone 5C for $50 appears to be a great deal.  While it isn’t up there with it’s brother (the iPhone 5s) it does have some redeeming qualities that shoppers can appreciate.

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