iPhone 6 & 6S Touchscreens Are Breaking Without Warning: What You Can Do

iPhone 6 and 6S users are reporting a wide-spread design flaw in their touchscreens that are rendering the devices useless- and sending many into a panic.

According to iFixit, there is a hardware issue with the touchscreen controller chips, causing screens to become unresponsive- a state called that is being called “touch disease.”

At first, users may notice on and off unresponsiveness, but eventually, they will see a flickering grey bar at the top of their screen and the phone will not respond at all.

Why is this happening? Well, the problem seems to stem from the iPhone 6 and 6S’ thin, wide body design.

The wide body causes the phones to flex and bend more than other models, and they happen to bend right around where the touchscreen controller chips are.

Over time, the bending causes chips or cracks in one or both chips, making the smartphone unresponsive.

This problem has been present in the iPhone 6 since it first launched, but has only now become an issue because the phones are aging and starting to crack.

The problem can be repaired, but it is complicated, as it requires an experienced repair shop that can microsolder, which can be hard to find-and do.

Microsoldering is a delicate process where tiny microscopes and soldering irons are used to repair the chips.

Not even Apple in-store support can do it, leaving many with no choice but to replace both touchscreen control chips.

The cost is equal to that of a standard screen replacement; those without a warranty will have to buy a new or refurbished phone.

Right now, there is no official word form Apple on this problem, but there are many users on Apple’s support forum discussing this growing problem.

Customers with this problem can contact Apple for support and to discuss their options.

Are you experiencing touch disease on your iPhone 6 or 6S?

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