iPhone 6 For $15 A Month With T-Mobile’s New Jump On Demand- So What’s The Catch?

Today, T-Mobile unveiled their “Jump on Demand Plan”, where you can get the newest smartphones, including the iPhone 6 for $15 a month.

Sounds great right?  Well, maybe to some, but not me.

Call me jaded, but when I first heard about this my reaction was: “What’s the catch?”, because there almost always is.

So I decided to take a closer look at this plan and while you CAN get an iPhone 6 (16GB), or other smartphone for $15 a month it’s not as easy as they make it sound.

According to T-Mobile, with their new “Jump on Demand Plan” there are no lump payments needed to get a new phone, no money down required.

You can also upgrade your phone 3 times a year (so no waiting to get that new hot phone) without paying up front after turning in your previous model- which is the one good thing I found.

So,the first thing I noticed is that  right now the plan is limited to Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Samsung’s Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Note 4 and LG’s G4 (catch #1).

Also, the $15 a month deal for the iPhone 6 is a limited-time promotion- in reality the cost of your phone (full retail price) is spread equally over the course of your contract.

That means a Galaxy S6 will cost you $28.33 a month and the iPhone 6 will run you $31.24.

In addition to the limited phones, they also don’t tell you that all of this is subject to credit approval.

To qualify you must have 12-months of on-time payments, or surprise, you have to leave a down payment.

Finally, this deal is not yet available online or through a 3rd party retailers, so you’re limited in buying options.

Now, there are some good features here too, like eliminating the $10 monthly Jump fee to upgrade and being able to upgrade more often.

However, unless you upgrade your phone every few months there’s nothing special here- phone selection is currently limited and a lot of people will not qualify with a credit check- making this a lot like every other deal we’ve seen.

What do you think of this new “Jump on Demand Plan” from T-Mobile?  Tell us your opinion below.

Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

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