According to several sources, Verizon has plans to sell the iPhone. There is no reported date yet, but Verizon will make an official statement on the matter on Tuesday.

Verizon (VZ) share rose 2.5% after hours and Apple (AAPL) went up 0.6%.

The communications giant, a collaboration between Vodafone Group Plc and Verizon Communications, sent a vague invitation to various members of the press, saying only “Join us as we share the latest news from Verizon Wireless.”

Since its inception, Apple’s iPhone has been exclusively carried by AT&T.

Although nothing has been formally announced yet, there is one factor that leads experts to believe that yes, Tuesday’s press conference will be Apple inspired. A popular blog by the name of Gizmodo has not been invited to the event on Tuesday. Gizmodo gained popularity for releasing photos and information about the unreleased iPhone 4 prototype, a move that led to bad blood between them and Apple.

Gizmodo states that they are “great friends with Verizon.” They say that, “We’ve worked with them for years, and we’ve been to like every event they’ve had over the last three years.”

Gizmodo continued with, “The only reason we can think of is that it’s an Apple event, and Steve (Jobs) doesn’t want us there. You know the story.”

Verizon’s announcement will take place at the Lincoln Center in New York at 11am Tuesday morning.