Iranian Dissidents

A new report, from Amnesty International, documents ongoing human rights abuses in Iran, one year after protests erupted in Iran over the disputed June 2009 elections.

According to the report, hundreds of dissidents, including lawyers, journalists, students, political rights activists and others, have been unjustly imprisoned. There has been widespread torture, rapes, mock executions, and actual executions.

 Claudio Cordone, of Amnesty International, said “The Iranian government is determined to silence all dissenting voices, while at the same time trying to avoid all scrutiny by the international community into the violations connected to the post-election unrest.”

The report, titled “From Protest to Prison – Iran One Year After the Election”, says that secrecy often surrounds the arrests of dissidents, they are held for days, to months, without identification or explanation, leaving relatives with no clue as to where they are being held or on what charges. The secrecy helps interrogators force confessions through torture, rape, and mock executions.

The full report is available at: