Iron Man 3 Prizes/Bonuses – Including Tickets & Trip – Offered In Promos
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Iron Man 3 Prizes/Bonuses – Including Tickets & Trip – Offered In Promos

Though there are many smartphone companies in U.S. Popular names include HTC, Samsung, Apple, and BlackBerry. One you don’t hear much about is Alcatel – but that may change.

The parent company of Alcatel, TLC, is looking to grab some attention with a new product placement agreement that will put the One Touch Idol in Iron Man 3, Robert Downy Jr.’s upcoming action movie.

The handset is going to appear in promotional materials and several scenes, but there isn’t any word on whether Mr. Stark will use it himself, or if other characters will be shown operating the device.

Alcatel is also the exclusive mobile partner of Iron Man 3, and will be featured in several contests.

Iron Man 3 is also being heavily promoted on Alcatel’s official Facebook page.

Alcatel is running a sweepstakes with the prize being a trip to the US premier of Iron Man 3 in Hollywood, CA.

RadioShack has also jumped in on the promotion of the movie, offering two free tickets to anyone who buys an Alcatel Authority smartphone from the retailer between April 14th and May 11th.

Does the Iron Man 3 tie-in make you want to learn more about the One Touch Idol or  Alcatel Authority?

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