Iron Man 3 Theatrical Trailer Released

Call it the geek in me, or perhaps just someone who is completely in love with Robert Downey Jr., but when I got the news that the new trailer was released today I just about hit the ceiling. Then I watched it and I couldn’t stop jumping up and down with excitement.

Some of us have been looking forward to this movie since Avengers closed in theaters. Or possibly the moment that Iron Man walked on the screen. This is the first of 3 movies to follow Avengers. Thor and Captain America have their own movies coming out in a short amount of time as well.

This trailer shows quite a bit more than the teasers that have been released have shown us so far. It still shows the Stark house being dropped into the sea, it still shows the Mandarin, and it shows the numerous suits that Tony Stark (Iron Man), has created. It also shows a hint at a wonderful show down with a lot of the Iron Man suits, all robotic I am thinking. Or at least some are likely robotic, while others might have drivers.

It shows a growing relationship between Stark and his long time assistant Pepper Potts. It looks this time as though we might see a softer side of Tony, before seeing a very vengeful side.

The movie it self looks as though it’s going to show Tony dealing with the fallout of his life changing time in New York when the Avengers assembled to fight Loki. I enjoy the idea of character development. Hopefully not nearly as narcissistic as in the second Iron Man movie, though the character is traditionally narcissistic. It is how he was drawn sorta speak.

I love him anyway. I love flawed super heroes.

Check out the latest trailer for Iron Man 3 and give us your thoughts below.


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