Is An iPad Mini Announcement Imminent?

Is An iPad Mini Announcement Imminent?

The internet is ablaze with the latest rumor on the iPad Mini. or iPad Air, as it is sometimes referred to.

This latest rumor comes from an important Apple investor that does not want to be disclosed. According to Fortune, the source states that Apple is preparing the launch of an iPad with a 7.85 inch screen. The big news is the release date, which is really close.

The source said that select press members are expected to receive invitations on October 10.

If the normal Apple release timing holds,, this basically means that we can expect a special unveiling event to be held on or about October 17th.

The general consensus online appears to be that the official release date of the new tablet will be around November 2nd – so that it can arrive in stores in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Apple has not confirmed nor denied the rumor. This is not at all surprising since the company has not said anything in public about plans to launch a smaller iPad. It’s in their best interests to keep people guessing until the official press announcement marks the launch the  new Apple product.

There’s a ton of speculation going on at the moment. It seems like Apple is preparing the unveiling at a date that is really close to the launch of Windows 8, which, according to analysts, makes sense.

Will you be putting an iPad Mini on your Christmas list if they release it soon?  Leave your answer in the comment section below!

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