Rumor has it that Apple is looking to contend with major gaming console producers like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Recently, Apple has made some powerful moves that indicate it may be jumping into the gaming scene.

Most recently, Apple made arrangements to acquire Rob Saunders, the head of communications at Nintendo UK. The company also snagged Activision’s European public relations director Nick Grange. Of course, these appointments, rumored by, have yet to be made public.

The coordination of Apple’s annual conference with E3 is another brow-raiser. While it could all be coincidence, the conference is being hailed as “the future of both OSX and iOS,” games are expected to be a major aspect.

Combine all of this with the dramatic upgrade of the iOS platform from a single A5 to a dual core A9 and the intense upgrade from the PowerVR SGX535 to a dual core SGX543 MP2 and the rumor is becoming more viable.

When Apple introduced AppleTV, it lacked integration with the App Store, but it contained a fully functional A4 chip, far too powerful for its limited capabilities. Enter the rumor that Apple is looking to target gamers. If Apple revamps AppleTV with the App Store, the integration would not be a direct upset for standard HD consoles, but it could certainly cause a disruption.

Even Jeff Gaffe of Eat Sleep Play is keeping an eye on Apple. He told Eurogamer that he is loyal to Sony, with whom he currently has a 3 game exclusive deal, but Apple, he said, is definitely a player.