Pizza Hut is unveiling their hot dog stuff-crust pizza in the U.S. next week and many consumers can’t decide if it’s yummy or gross.

Known as the Hot Dog Bites Pizza it consists of a large, one-topping pizza, with 28 premium hot dog bites baked into the crust and French’s mustard on the side.

Pizza Hut says it will be available for a limited time and sell for $11.99 starting June 18.

The Hot Dog Bites Pizza has been on the market in Canada and the UK since 2013 and was a big hit there, so Pizza Hut is hoping to duplicate that success here.

Personally, I love hot dogs and I love pizza, but just looking at this makes me feel queasy.

So far, reactions have been mixed online, with consumers calling it everything from “mouth-watering” to “gross”.

The consumers we spoke with had mixed views as well, with most saying they need to try it before they ultimately decide.

Janet, 41, from Brooklyn, NY, said it best: “it looks bad, but a lot of bad stuff tastes real good, so I’ll wait and see”.

What do you think of this hot dog stuffed-crust pizza from Pizza Hut?  Weigh in with you opinion below.