Is Samsung’s Grand, Really Grand?

Is Samsung’s Grand, Really Grand?

Monday Samsung has unveiled its new smartphone, the Samsung Grand.

With this smart phone, Samsung is aiming the phone at people with “fast paced lifestyles who demand more from their phone.”

On the surface however, the phone looks like a bigger version of the Galaxy S3, right down to the smooth rounded edges of it’s case. The new phone is powered by Android 4.1 Jellybean, has a 5 inch display, 1.2 – GHz duel core processor, and an 8 – megapixel camera located on the rear of the phone.

None of these are special, and in fact the display, which is smaller than the Note II and only a fraction larger than that of the S3, comes with a shockingly low resolution at 800×480.

While the hardware specs, don’t seem to be anything to get excited about, Samsung is hoping that the intuitive features on the Samsung Grand may make it more desirable for shoppers.

The Direct Call and the Smart Alert are only two of the features that they are hoping attract the more busy person on the go. Direct Call is a feature that allows users to automatically dial a call by raising the phone to their ear, or make status updates by simply shaking the phone. Smart Alert on the other hand, alerts the user to missed calls and messages simply by picking up the phone. The phone is set up to do everything quicker, and geared to the person that’s on the go.

The Samsung Grand will be offered both as a phone with duel SIM capability, for those people that want to have two numbers coming to the same phone, as well as a single SIM version. The Duel SIM will be available to the market first, though there is currently no release date for either version of the phone. There is also no information regarding how much either version will cost.

More information is expect to come at CES in January.

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