Is SiriusXM Free? No, But Right Now It’s $1 For 3 Months

Is SiriusXM Free? No, But Right Now It’s $1 For 3 Months

SiriusXM isn’t free right now, but they are running a special deal with three months of streaming service for a buck.

The trial subscription can be cancelled at any time during that three month time frame.

If not cancelled, the cost to continue after the end of the first three months is $10.99/month.

The special is on the Streaming Platinum Plan, which streams more than 350 channels on the SXM app.

Those channels include ad-free music; artist-created channels; talk shows, podcasts, comedy and news channels; two Howard Stern channels (with video); sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and sports talk shows); the ability to create custom Pandora stations; and the SiriusXM video library of in-studio shows and performances.

The SXM app can cast to connected home devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Sonos speakers, Apple TV and more.

SiriusXM is also running a special that includes both in-car and app streaming for $5.99/month for the first year.

After the first year, the cost will be set to their then current regular subscription price. As of publication time, that’s $16.99/month.

These specials are available through the SiruisXM homepage.

SiruisXM has not said how long these special deals will last.

CP Savvy Consumer Tip – if you decide to sign up for the trial, set a reminder on your Google Calendar/Apple Calendar to remind yourself two weeks ahead of time of when the trial period ends. Then you can make a conscious decision on whether to continue the subscription after the trial period ends.

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