Just in time for Mother’s Day, T-Mobile is offering a Buy One, Get One deal on the Samsung Galaxy S8; too bad you don’t actually get 2 phones, making this BOGO offer more of a bogus offer.

As with most things that seem too good to be true, this deal doesn’t put an actual phone in your hands and will cost shoppers more than they think.

According to T-Mobile, the “un-carrier,” starting today (May 12) any T-Mobile One customer who buys a Galaxy S8 and agrees to a 24-month contract gets, wait for it, a pre-paid card that equals the value of the second S8.

You can also get an S8+ instead of a second S8 for $100 via pre-paid card.

So, you have to buy 2 devices using their equipment installment plan (EIP), pay a down payment for both phones, plus any taxes and fees, and lock in for 24-months to get the pre-paid card.

Which means you will be paying $30 a month for each phone, plus your bill until the phone is paid off. Oh, and the prepaid Visa card can take 6-8 weeks to arrive and can only be used by swiping anywhere they use Mastercard; there is no cash value.

In addition, this deal is only available to new customers, or existing ones ADDING an additional line; anyone with 2 existing lines who wants to upgrade their phones without adding a line will have to pay full price.

For those signing up or adding lines, it sounds like a good deal, but the truth is, it’s average at best.

The BOGO moniker is misleading, as you technically don’t get the phone for free that day. You have to pay partially (the down payment, taxes, and fees) upfront and wait for the Visa card.

Plus, you have to pay monthly, which, with taxes and fees, ends up costing you more out of pocket.

Which is why I’m calling this deal more bogus than brilliant.

What do you think of this deal on the Samsung S8 from T-Mobile?

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