Is The Apple iWatch Poised For An October Release?

Is The Apple iWatch Poised For An October Release?

An iWatch Mock-upWill Apple launch a smartwatch called the Apple iWatch in October?

It’s starting to look like they just might.

Late last year, Taiwan based China Times foretold of an October release date.

Last month they reported that Taiwan-based TPK had been chosen to mass produce a flexible AMOLED display for the iWatch starting in the 2nd half of this year.

Then another report came in from the Korea Herald saying that LG and Samsung will be supplying curved, stepped, batteries for the iWatch.

The reports are based on unnamed sources, of course.  But speculation has been running rampant about the possibility of an iWatch for quite some time now.

Rumors suggest that, along with telling time, an Apple smartwatch would include a camera, FaceTime, and some sort of iPhone interaction. For example, if you get a call, it will notify you and perhaps allow you to answer the call with the watch itself.

It may also be able to play iTunes music and podcasts.

Rumors also suggest the iWatch will utilize wireless charging technology within a 1 meter range of the charging device. Some say the smartwatch may be able to control an entire home… heating & cooling, security systems, etc.

Analyst have predicted the smartwatch will be priced from $149 upwards to as much as $500.

Leading further credence to a possible October release date, Apple has been on a hiring spree, according to Mobihealthnews.

What do you think of the October, 2014, timeline for the launch of an Apple iWatch?

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