Is The Apple Watch Worth It? News of Limited Storage Have Many Thinking Twice

Is the Apple Watch worth it?  Even though it hasn’t hit stores yet, some are already questioning it’s worth thanks to new information that suggests storage is limited on the pricey new device.

The Apple Watch comes in various sizes, colors and prices (the cheapest is $349 and the highest is around $10,000), but whichever one you buy one thing won’t change: how much music and pictures you can store.

According to several sources 9To5Mac has confirmed through Apple that every watch comes with a total of 8 GB of storage (there is no option to add more storage either).

A large portion of that storage is needed for the OS and other app applications, which leaves users with 2 GB of storage for songs and 75 GB of storage for pictures.

That is the equivalent of 200 songs and about 100 pictures (pictures are scaled down when downloaded from the iCloud Photo Library).

This may sound like a small issue considering all the advanced features and apps the smartwatch has (not to mention it’s cellular capabilities), but some consumers disagree.

Many are expressing disappointment at this news, saying while that is more than most other watches, it’s just not enough for what is being called the “ultimate” smartwatch..

As Melissa, 33, from Brooklyn told Consumer Press: ” when it comes to Apple I expect more- yes, that’s nice storage, but I want the option of having all my pictures and all my music on the device.  I also would expect to have the option to add more storage if I wanted to, but that is not even possible”.

Mike Ratcliff, 41, from Queens, echoes that sentiment, telling us: “Apple is supposed to be an innovator in everything it does, limited storage with no room to expand is standard on most devices so this is a big letdown”.

The Apple Watch hits stores April 10.

What do you think of the Apple Watch’s limited capacity?  Weigh in and tell us your opinion below.

Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

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