People all over the United States might be wondering about the possibility of just one more gift being delivered by the neighborhood postal employee.  Today, Christmas Eve, there is regular mail delivery.  So, if mail has not been delivered yet to your abode, there is still a chance of a final, last minute special delivery.

Christmas Saturday, however, will hold no mail delivery and thus the only delivery should be from the good ole’ man in red.  So if you are expecting a package or one last gift, you will have to wait until Monday when normal United States Postal Service resumes a normal schedule.

If you need to send out cards or gifts, there is very little hope to get them to their destination in time for Christmas morning.  Best to put a “P.S. Sorry for the late gift,” somewhere in the card.  Both FedEx and UPS are operating a full and normal schedule on Christmas Eve, but no deliveries on Christmas day.

Did you get all of your cards and packages out in time?