The end is near as many of the most popular shows on television take their final bow this year.

Last year we lost Dexter and Breaking Bad.

So far this year we have said goodbye to How I Met Your Mother and Californiciation.

The provocative HBO vampire/werewolf/shifter/witch/fairy epic, True Blood, is already half through its seventh season swan song.

Some shows left us abruptly without a proper conclusion, as NBC’s Revolution did after a ratings drop in season two.

While some fans may have already felt the sting of saying goodbye to their weekly traditions, many more are on the way in the upcoming television season.

The endings begin in September with HBO wrapping up two of their critically acclaimed dramas. The prohibition era gangster drama Boardwalk Empire closes after five seasons, and Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom finishes after only three short seasons.

That’s not all for September, as the Hamlet inspired biker drama Sons of Anarchy takes their final ride. Although Fans of SAMCRO can hold out hope, creator Kurt Sutter has hinted at a prequel series looking at the clubs origins.

Two comedy heavyweights are also ending next year as Parks and Recreation and Two and a Half Men work towards their series finales. Many were surprised the latter lasted as long as it did after series star Charlie Sheen was fired for his “antics”.

As we come into 2015, more finales loom.

Old fashion law-man Raylan Givens sets to hang up his guns as FX’s Justified begins their final season in January.

As we come into the spring, Glee and Parenthood both look to bring resolution to characters and fans alike.

Finally we come to Mad Men, which took a page from fellow AMC crowd pleaser Breaking Bad, as its final season was broken up into two parts. The final instalments of episodes is set to air in the spring.

Of course, these are only the shows we know about. Others will undoubtedly be added to the list, whether by poor performance or creator decisions.

With so many fan favorite shows coming to an end next season, surely many viewers will be left with a hole in their viewing schedule. TV watchers can only hope that the new incoming shows can fill some of the void.

Although, new shows aren’t safe either. As we saw last season, TV shows have a short window of time to find their niche or face cancellation. This was never more apparent then by the axing of two promising Fox comedies last season, Surviving Jack and Enlisted.

Hopefully, TV viewers can make it through next season without too many tears. If not, they can always find solace in revisiting their favorites in blu-ray boxsets, netflix or reruns.

Is your favorite show being cancelled? Lament about it in the comments below!