It’s Real: Free Unlimited Cell Phone Service For 1 Year, No Contract, No Activation Fee

It’s Real: Free Unlimited Cell Phone Service For 1 Year, No Contract, No Activation Fee

I had my doubts when this first cropped up, but it’s real.

Sprint is offering – for free – a full year of unlimited calls, texts and data to new customers.

There’s no contract, no requirement to keep using their service after the year is up, and you can cancel service at any time.

Consumer Press questioned Sprint about this deal, they wrote back:

“This is the most amazing offer being offered by any carrier where if your bring your own eligible device and port in a number from another carrier, you pay nothing except the mandatory taxes and fees charged by government for 1 complete year. To be eligible for this promotion, you must buy a new Sprint SIM card from the BYOD 1 year free link as that is only eligible for this promotion. Any other SIM card you already have or purchased from store will not be eligible. A store SIM card will not be eligible. This is a web only promotion, the SIM card purchased with the link is pre-configured with the device details you will share during the SIM order process. No other SIM card will work.”

The “port in a number” part means to transfer your existing number, “BYOD” stands for Bring Your Own Device.

To qualify for the deal, your phone has to be completely paid for so it can be moved from your previous service,  it must be unlocked, and it has to be a phone that is compatible with Sprint. Phones purchased for use on Verizon and AT&T are compatible, as are phones purchased for use on Google Fi (formerly Project Fi).

If you have a phone on Google Fi (like me), you have to jump through some extra hoops to sign up. Those hoops are well explained on a Reddit thread here.

There are some up front costs to switching to the free plan. The SIM cards are $2.99 each, and there’s a $10 shipping & handling fee, and taxes. The activation fee ($30) is waived.

There are also some small monthly costs for various fees and taxes. You have to sign up for autopay to get the deal.

After the year is up, if you continue on Sprint, the fees are $60/month for the first line, $40/month for the second, and $20/month per line for additional lines up to five (plus additional fees and taxes).

If you’re interested in Sprint’s free unlimited calls, text and data for a year deal, here’s the link to get started:

Be aware the deal is only available online, not at physical Sprint stores.

Have you, or will you, switch to Sprint for this deal?

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