Jessie Lunderby made quite a sensation when she posed for Playboy magazine, especially because she was a jail officer. The interesting fact is that this move turned into a huge scandal.

In fact, many consider this to be the largest news scandal of the year. The problem was that Jessie Lunderby posed for playboy and then ended up being hit with a violation of the code of behavior.

The Jessie Lunderby Playboy Photos scandal was one episode where the public ended up supporting her even if the employer did not. It was June 2010 when all started when a news story showed that Jessie was put on a compensated administrative leave because of the nude magazine photos.

Now Jessie is planning to sue the Washington DC Sheriff Office and we can expect the public to support her efforts. It is rare that the public steps up and defends someone, especially when the reason is nude photography. The real problem was the fact that there was no statement in the work contract that stated she could not do this. Unfortunately nobody expected to see here fired after taking the pictures. The contract is open to interpretation and it is expected to change for employees in the future because of this incident.