27 year old Jessica Fashano left friends and family in shock when she took her own life by jumping from an Upper West Side building in New York over the weekend.

The Citi banker was known for her philanthropy efforts throughout her life and work. She often used her position to help promote the charities that she believed in.

Fashano believed fully in helping those who were less fortunate and was actively involved in doing so. She took part in raising money for several causes she believed in, including the Harboring Hearts Grop and the Acumen Fund.

Friends and family acknowledged that Fashano had suffered from depression, but were still shocked by the suicide. She left no note prior to taking her own life.

Her body was discovered Saturday morning in the courtyard of Trump Place. Surveillance cameras had caught sight of her entering the building that sits several blocks from her own home. She even asked a woman inside how to get to the roof.

Friends described her a warm, friendly and giving. They described a woman that you knew was in the room immediately when she walked in.