Jets Coach Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Video A ‘Personal Matter’

The New York Jets are facing yet another issue off of the field as coach Rex Ryan tackles question about an alleged foot fetish video with his wife that has been released on the internet. has released several; videos that are allegedly of the Jets coach and his wife Michelle Ryan. In the video the woman shows off her feet and the man talks to the woman about her feet.

The Rex Ryan foot fetish videos appear to be more important to reporters than the Jets potential to make the playoffs or their current 10-4 record. During a conference call with the coach, questions regarding the video continued to be asked.

Ryan shared his understanding of the need to ask the questions, yet he declared the matter was personal and that he was not going to answer them or discuss the matter.

He stuck to that statement throughout the interview, never saying more than “It’s a personal matter”.

The Jets have faced more than one controversy recently. Not long ago strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi was suspended indefinitely after he admitted to tripping a Miami Dolphins player during a punt return. An NFL investigation is underway into that incident.

The team was also investigated this season with female reporter Ines Sainz was allegedly harassed during a practice.

Ryan has undergone criticism for his use of profanity during the the HBO show Hard Knocks.

Finally wide receiver Braylon Edwards is dealing with a drunk driving charge.

A win over Chicago could guarantee a playoff run for the team.

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