Job Market Remains Grim

The creation of new jobs continues to be slow, and the term ‘jobless recovery’ is now a household term.

In a poll just taken, only 1 in 10 US adults say that the job market is good in their region.  66% say it is bad, and 25% say it’s not bad or good.

The Harris Poll surveyed 2,227 adults online between June 14 and 21, 2010.

In it, they found that most Americans don’t expect the outlook on jobs to change much in the near future. A little more than half say it will remain about the same, 26% say it will get better, and 21% think it will get worse, during the next six months.

Overall, people in the east are more optimistic. Westerners tend to expect things to stay about the same.

40% of those surveyed expect it to be a year or more before the job market improves, 20% say they are unsure of when it will improve. 11% expect it will improve within 6 to 12 months, with 8% saying improvement is already underway.

The poll was taken by Harris Interactive, Inc.

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