Disney is expected to experience a $200 million loss on their big budget movie “John Carter.”

The movie is estimated to have cost Disney $350 billion to make and market. Box office receipts for its first two weekends is approximately $184 million worldwide. Theaters split the box office proceeds with the production company 50-50 most of the time.

John-CarterThe movie got off to a bad start even before it premiered, with negative reviews and low pre-release tracking numbers. Though it was ranked number one at the box office on its first day of release (a Friday), it was soundly beaten by “The Lorax,” when the weekend numbers rolled in.

The movie chronicles the story of “John Carter,” a Confederate civil war veteran who finds himself mysteriously transported to Mars. Once there, he becomes entangled in a war on the red planet. The script is based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, “A Princess of Mars.”

The movie is rated 51% by reviewers at RottenTomatoes.com. It did do better with actual moviegoers, with a 71% “liked it” rating.