December 8, 1980, John Lennon’s death date, will live forever in the memory of people and there are plans worldwide to honor the man thirty years later.

Though many small memorial celebrations are planned around the world, there are three large ones that take place yearly.

In New York City fans will gather at the Strawberry Fields memorial garden in Central Park. The location of the garden is just across the street from where Lennon was shot that fateful day by Mark Chapman. The vigil is expected to draw hundreds.

In Lennon’s hometown of Liverpool there will be hundreds gathering for a vigil around a monument dedicated to the singer. Candles will be lit and songs will be sung and many remember the former singer.

Widow Yoko Ono has organized a charity concert in Japan for the tenth year. Dream Power John Lennon Super Live will be held and is expected to have performances by the country’s top artists as well as Ono herself.

Other celebrations are scheduled throughout the night and even into the weekend. The going theme goes beyond just remembering and into charity with most organizers donating any profit.