22-Jump-Street-PosterThis June, get ready to jump down on 22 Jump Street.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum return to the screen as Schmidt and Jenko in Columbia Pictures’ 22 Jump Street.

IMDB posted two trailers for the movie this month. The 2:09 trailer is suitable for general audiences, but the racier 2:24 trailer requires users to log in.

Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec) begins each trailer. He reveals the 21 Jump Street operation is now a high profile budget beneficiary and reassigns the men to 22 Jump Street. Locals purchased the previous location, 21 Jump Street.

Laughs continue with Tatum and Hill dancing on the hood of a car and waving their guns in the air. “Stupidfacedd” thumps in the background. This high energy blend builds anticipation.

Schmidt and Jenko enroll in college in an undercover operation to once again uncover a drug ring. They confer with their 21 Jump Street’s arrests, Mr. Walters and Eric Molson, played once again by Rob Riggle and Dave Franco. Implied romance indicates at least Mr. Walters is content with his time in prison.

The movie mocks the absurdity of Schmidt and Jenko passing as college freshmen. In a library scene, Jill Bell (Workaholics) hushes them and tells them they look “old as s[*]it.” Schmidt responds with sign-language.

The scenes are full of familiar and fun hijinks. IMDB also lists a cameo appearance from Richard Grecco. He will resurrect Dennis Booker, a character from the 1980s series 21 Jump Street.

Interested viewers can judge for themselves on IMDB.