Judson Birza (Fabio) Won CBS’ Survivor Nicaragua

 It is Judson Birza (Fabio) that managed to win this edition of Survivor Nicaragua on CBS. He had a wonderful performance as he managed to constantly stay out of trouble. This helped a lot in gaining success and the title that so many fought for. What was really interesting is the fact that nobody thought that Judson Birza was any threat. The other competitors realized it too late and this led him to winning.

Judson Birza, only 21 years old, was not really taken for granted by anyone. His biggest assets came through in immunity and reward challenges. He was the one that managed to get rid of many with simple use of politics and the fact that Jud won the first immunity challenge after the merger of the teams helped out a lot.

The downfall of the other competitors was the fact that they considered themselves superior and were too confident. The people worked hard to get rid of the stronger opponents while Jud Birza survived every round of eliminations because of this.This season of CBS’s Survivor Nicaragua was highly entertaining and the finale was really exciting according to the audience. Many wanted to see him win and this is exactly what happened.

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