Julep Maven’s New Plie Wand & Plie Wand Creativity Kit Launched

Julep Maven recently launched their new Plie Wand.

This innovative tool is meant to ease the application of nail polish. It is a long, weighted handle that snaps into a cap that fits any Julep nail polish. The wand can twist and bend, so the user can find the most comfortable grip.

The length is supposed to make polishing with the dominant hand easier, as it is more like the familiar feeling of holding a pencil.

The mobility of the wand is intended to aid polishing with the non-dominant hand as it provides a sort of crutch to enhance stability and control.

Julep has also created nail-art tools that can be used with the Plie Wand. This Plie Wand Creativity Kit comes with a dotting tool and striping brush. These tools can help the user achieve shapes, patterns, and French Manicures at home.

Since Julep Maven is a nail-polish subscription service, those belonging to the program (Mavens) are eligible for discounted prices.

The Plie Wand is available at julep.com for $25 for non-members or $20 for Mavens.

Likewise, the Creativity Kit is available for $10 or $8 for Mavens.

What do you think of this new tool?

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Consumer Expert Miki Hayes

Miki is a freelance writer and blogger with a degree in English from UNC Chapel Hill. She is obsessed with oversized sweaters, eyeshadow palettes, and her dog, Mina.