Fireworks - easy to find on TV, hard to find streaming online!There are a number of July 4th fireworks shows on live TV this year.

But those trying to watch fireworks streaming live online… will be mostly frustrated by their efforts.

Let’s take a look at what’s out there:

The most highly promoted show this year is the Macy’s fireworks show in New York.

According to Macy’s, Usher collaborated in the design of the display and selected the score. The show will include more than 40,000 fireworks that will be launched over the Hudson Bay in NYC.

The full Macy’s fireworks show, and related performances, begins at 8pm (ET) tonight and will be broadcast on NBC. It goes until 10pm.  They have a full slate of celebs performing, including Mariah Carey,  Selena Gomez, Tim McGraw, Cher, Taylor Swift, and others.

Unfortunately, NBC is not broadcasting the show online.

However, there may be a chance to see the actual fireworks online through live uStream feeds along the Hudson Bay.

ABC and CBS will stick with their normal programming tonight. No fireworks shows on either. Some local affiliates will be breaking away from the regular program to broadcast local fireworks shows.

PBS will be broadcasting “A Capital Fourth” starting at 8pm, which will feature fireworks from Washington DC.

The PBS show will be hosted by Tom Bergeron and include performances by Barry Manilow, Scotty McCeery, and Darren Criss, amongst others. It will also include music from the National Symphony Orchestra.

Likewise though, no live feed of the show from PBS. Again, we’ll be turning to uStream to see what they have from DC when the time comes.

Live streaming feeds of the fireworks shows are hard to come by. In past years, there have been many, many, spam sites saying that they have live streaming feeds. We expect this year will be the same.

When consumers actually try to get to the feed the spam sites promote, they generally find themselves going from site to site, sometimes around in circles, without ever being able to find the actual feed (because there is none).  Or they are told they have to download some special program to view the feed – and yes, without a doubt, that download is malware.

In fact, you are likely to see some spam links saying they are showing live streaming fireworks in our comments section below. We will be moderating and getting rid of those throughout the day.

However, if you have a legitimate stream of the fireworks, please post it below. We will check them out and keep the comment if it is, truly, legit.

— update —

Looks like just fell for one of these fake “live fireworks streaming online free” spam links. At the end of their story on the “5 Best Fireworks Displays” is a link to supposedly watch the fireworks from Addison, TX online for free. The link goes to a site with a ‘watch now’ link that goes to another site with a ‘watch now’ link that goes to a payment form.  Opps!