Sony Pictures is developing two Jump Street films. The first one is a female driven spinoff and the other one is a crossover with Men in Black.

Yes, you heard that right. The Men in Black crossover would essentially make it 23 Jump Street.

The team behind the female driven Jump Street will be Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs. 22 Jump Street producer Neal Moritz and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will take control of both the female Jump Street as well as the Men in Black crossover.

This crossover will share movie universes from both films. This crossover had been revealed to us earlier in the year by the leaked Sony email but now it has been officially confirmed.

Whether or not Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones will return to reprise their roles in Men in Black is uncertain at the time.

It is speculated that Dakota Johnson will be the lead role in the female driven Jump Street film. It is also suggested that the Broad City writers will grab some talent at Comedy Central, considering their involvement there already.

This crossover is almost crazy enough to work. The sense of humor between these two franchises are quite different though. This may seem like one of those projects that will either fail considerably or work fantastically.

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