Passengers who fly in JetBlue’s “Even More Leg Room” seats will soon be able to skip ahead of regular passengers standing in line for security screenings. JetBlue announced the new benefit during their first quarter of 2011 earnings call late last week.

While JetBlue does not offer First or Business Class seating – they do offer an upgrade that includes seats with more legroom. The upgraded seats are located in the front, and in the emergency exit row, of many of their planes.

The upgrade is called “Even More Leg Room”. According to JetBlue, the “Even More Leg Room” seats have 38 inches of seat pitch. Standard seats have 34 inches. Passengers that book the “Even More Leg Room” seats also get early boarding and early access to the overhead bins. The added price for the upgrade starts at $10.

With the new benefit, “Even More Leg Room” passengers will also have access to priority security lanes in the airports where such lanes exist. American, United Continental, and Southwest, are reported to offer access to priority security lanes to passengers with upgraded flying options as well.

Robin Hayes, JetBlue’s Chief Commercial Officer, said on the call that the new benefit would be available “…in a couple of months.”