Jurassic World Review: Pretty, Violent, Funny & Shallow

Jurassic World is a great looking movie with incredible scenes. It’s a treat for the eyes… but not for the mind.

Considering it is rated PG-13, I was surprised to hear little kids sitting behind me in the theater. Jurassic World is not a movie for little kids. It’s gory. I mean, we’re talking about dinosaurs and monsters chewing up and eating people here.

The kids behind me went from giggly “is it starting? is it starting?” at the beginning of every ‘coming soon’ preview, to silent and sober by the end of the movie. Nightmares to follow, no doubt.

That said, for teens and young adults, Jurassic World thoroughly delivers on its promises. First – awesome looking dinosaurs and monsters chewing up and eating people. Second – lots of pretty pictures of dinosaurs and landscapes.

Seriously, parts of this movie are beautiful.

But when it comes to the actual story, Jurassic World is lacking.

The characters are so very stereotypical it’s distracting.

You can tick them off… the hero, the uptight career chick, the getting-divorced parents, the sullen teen, the little brother.

The stereotyped characters do get to deliver a few genuinely funny lines. That’s a small saving grace.

But don’t expect much of an emotional connection with the characters in this film. They’re just characters, and that’s as far as it goes.

One of the fascinating things about storytelling is the ability to take a far-fetched idea and make it plausible. Realistic even.

Jurassic Park did that. Jurassic World doesn’t.

No matter how much you try to get into this story, the thinking part of your brain will often tell you “that’s silly, that just wouldn’t happen”.

The idea of a dinosaur amusement park with real live dinosaurs is fun. Jurassic World gives you that.

The idea of it turning into a terrifying disaster is plausible. And oh…. what a great movie that would be.

But Jurassic World isn’t that great movie. It’s more along the lines of a beautifully filmed B movie.

That said, the crowd in the theater clapped as the movie ended. I think they liked it. So what do I know?

Have you seen Jurassic World?

What did you think of it?

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