Fans of the FX smash hit ‘Justified’ can watch the intriguing premiere episode of the 6th and final season starting tonight, January 20 on FX.

Episode 1, titled “Fate’s Right Hand” starts at 10P.M. (EST) and runs an hour and 15 minutes.

For those unable to see the premiere at 10 there are several  other viewing options:

FX will re-air the episode at 11:15 P.M. (EST), immediately following the initial broadcast and again at 1:40 A.M. (EST).

In addition, Time Warner Cable and Verizon will have  the episode available on demand within 24 hours of the first showing; check with your cable provider to see if it’s available and a part of your package.

Fans can also watch episode one through several streaming services for free on your PC,  tablet or smartphone : will have the episode available for streaming for free, but you need to sign in using a participating cable provider.

iTunes will also have the episode available for free, but you will need to join iTunes and get an account to access it.

iTunes is free to join and can be downloaded easily to any device.

Amazon will have “Fate’s Right Hand ” available through their Amazon Instant Video Service for $1.99 (SD) & $2.99 (HD).

You will also be able to purchase a Season 6 TV Season Pass, giving you access to every episode as soon as it’s available for $24.99 (SD) & $34.99 (HD).

There is no membership fee required to use these services, you just need to have an Amazon account.

To obtain an Amazon account all you need is a valid email adress and your basic information, no purchase is required.

‘Justified’ stars Timothy Olyphant as maverick U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens who is reassigned to his hometown and finds himself on opposite ends of the law with  his childhood friend Boyd (Walter Goggins).

Season 6 opens with  Raylan determined to build a RICO case against Boyd by using Ava or anyone else he needs to- no matter what the cost.

Question is will she do it?  and will it work?  Tune in tonight to see.

Will you be watching the season premiere of ‘Justified’?  Share your thoughts and predictions with us below.