Justin Bieber Hits 10 Million Twitter Followers, Only 1 Person Has More

On May 29 Justin Bieber set a record as the first male to acquire over ten million Twitter followers, but that record still didn’t put him on top.

Two weeks ago Lady Gaga made history when she became the first person ever to obtain more than ten million followers on the social networking site. She has been gaining fans, which she ‘lovingly’ refers to as Monsters, steadily and currently sits at 10.5 million followers.

Not to be outdone by the competition, Justin Bieber’s fans, who are known as Beliebers, have helped the star achieve the ten million mark and continue to grow. They hope to overtake the Monsters in the near future. Justin Bieber was thrilled with the newest milestone and was quick to tweet his thanks to the fans. “I love u…changing my life everyday. I’m from a town of 30,000…so u guys are 333 times my town! CRAZY! NeverSayNever.”

When it comes to have the most Twitter followers, Lady Gaga holds the top spot with Justin Bieber in a close second. President Barack Obama pulls up the number three position. Britney Spears is in fourth and Kim Kardashian rounds out the top five.

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