Rick and Kate took another step closer to the altar as fans of Castle were treated to multiple surprises last night, including seeing Kate in a wedding dress.

Last night fans enjoyed an action packed episode with a peek inside the cutthroat world of fashion thrown in for spice.

As the hunt for the killer of a young fashion student unfolded another fun plot line was playing out.

Kate the model! It was discovered that the stern faced detective was once offered a job with the very magazine which served as the victim’s office.

At one point fans were treated to a very special modeling demonstration by the detective who offered to help an old friend in a pinch.

While Rick scouted out the venue, Kate was modeling and falling in love with a beautiful wedding dress.

It will certainly be interesting to see Castle’s face as she approaches him wearing the dress. After a moment of missing her mom, the excited bride and her groom-to-be decided to have a spring wedding!

Fans should note that if you want to see Kate as the model again or any of the other juicy seasons the episode is now available on ABC.com.

Keep in mind that a new episode will not be seen again until the seventeenth.

Until then check out the almost daily block of Castle on TNT.

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