Roar by Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s brand new single titled Roar is now available at iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

And just minutes ago, her official lyrics video was released (see it below!).

In Roar, Perry uses catchy lyrics and thumping background beats to keep the listener entertained throughout the entire song.

Katy is definitely back, and from the sounds of it, is going to be another record smashing album which her fans will fall in love with, as they did with Teenage Dream.

After listening to the song, one could only make the assumption that it was written with her split from Russell Brand, and her recent love affair with John Mayer, as the underlying plot.

It seems as though Katy has finally moved on from the heart throb Russell left after their hasty divorce, into something she’s excited about with Mayer.

Only time will tell, of course.

One thing is certain, the musician is making headlines and her new song is definitely going to be a hit sooner than later.

The only thing that’s uncertain is how the rest of her album, titled Prism, is going to look. Will it be something that we can compare to Teenage Dream, which pretty much shot Katy into stardom?

Here’s the official lyrics video for Roar – be sure to Like, Tweet, G+ and Pin this page to pass it along to your friends and followers!