Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” Movie Is A Teenage Dream

Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” Movie Is A Teenage Dream

Katy Perry’s new film is a dream come true.

“Part of Me” follows the pop sensation on her international tour to promote the mega hit album, “Teenage Dream” which includes hit songs “California Gurls”, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), and “Firework”.  From footage of endless dress rehearsals to live performances to meet and greets, the concert film chronicles Katy Perry’s life on the road and the daily ups and downs as she tries to retain some normalcy in her hectic schedule.  Moviegoers have an inside look at the team that prepares Katy Perry for her grand entrance and her numerous and outlandish costume changes all for a spectacular performance leaving screaming fans wanting more.

But life was not always a teenage dream for Katy Perry who grew up in a religious household, one that barred her from pop music and classic literature like “Alice In Wonderland” due to it’s perceived pagan suggestiveness her preacher parents felt it contained.  Katy Perry spent most of her time at church services congregating with fellow worshipers.  Her love for music was encouraged, though, and she continued to sing in church, even recording a gospel album many years back.  Katy Perry eventually left home, moved to Hollywood and made herself visible at the clubs with her eccentric style sense and no holds barred attitude.

The road to stardom for Katy Perry was not an easy one.   One failed record deal and dropped record  label too many, she periled through the constant grind of breaking in.  Finally, Capital Records took a chance on Katy Perry and the rest is history.  The tour is an ambitious one and while moviegoers are treated to a front seat ticket, many are saddened to see the demise of her marriage to British comedian, Russell Brand, unfold.  To a heart broken Katy Perry, she cannot disappoint her fans, thus the shows must go on.

What is notable about the film is not only it’s impressive cinematic quality and equally remarkable sound quality, but the subtle message Katy Perry’s brings to the screen.  Her message is simple to young fans– be unique, be who you are.  That has certainly done wonders for the award winning artist who had a dream.

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