KCET & Link TV Merger Official, Now KCETLink

KCET & Link TV Merger Official, Now KCETLink

KCET has officially announced the merger with LINK TV satellite network. The merger will give birth to KCETLink, which was described in the official press release as:

“…a powerful new independent public transmedia company that acquires, produces and distributes provocative global programming targeted to a national audience across multiple media platforms.”

This new outlet is to be made available through Dish and DirecTV to about 33 million homes in USA. This does not include the 5.6 million homes that are already reached by KCET in Southern California.

The KCET chief executive, Al Jerome, will run the entity in a collaboration with Paul S. Mason, the president of Link, who will become the chief strategy officer of KCETLink. As expected, the financial terms were not made public. Al Jerome declared:

“With our combined resources, we are taking a bold step forward to become architects of a new sustainable model for the industry to keep public media thriving as a vital resource in the digital age.”

KCET was struggling and saw a decline in viewership and fundraising ever since it left PBS in 2010. This merger gives access to a new opportunity and many US citizens can expect to see new programs soon.

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