Keanu Reeves As John Wick – Worth Seeing On The Big Screen?

Thrill seekers fled to the theaters to see John Wick and have given it top approval ratings.

Rotten Tomatoes reflects an approval rating of 84% and the film has earned $34.8M at the Box Office.

The movie is rated R, understandably.  The film was packed with bloody violence, contained some brief drug use, and was laced with the type of language you would expect from a violent gangster assassin film.

Keanu Reeves stars in the film and plays the character of John Wick, an ex-hitman who is inspired to come out of retirement after some gangsters do an unspeakable hideous act, leaving him angry and desperate.

John Wick’s emotions tangle with his assassin skill-set which equates to an awesome film for both women and men to enjoy in theaters, especially if you are avoiding the Big Hero 6 crowd.

A critic with the Boston Herald, James Verniere, stated about Keanu Reeves, “Yes, he’s back, and this is high-grade genre filmmaking.”  Prepare yourself for an action packed experience.

What did you think of the inspiration behind John Wick’s exiting retirement to become an assassin?

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