Keenen Ivory Wayans Dead?

This is the breaking news that is sweeping through the Internet today.

There’s been an avalanche of fans are tweeting their expressions either of grief at Keenen Ivory Wayans death or their outrage at the hoaxed report of his death.

Reportedly, it all started with a fake CNN Breaking News report on Twitter reading: “@CNN: Breaking News. Comedian and creator of In Living Color Keenan Ivory Wayans passed today in his Los Angels Home.”

It appears Twitterers may have been a bit quick to jump to their grievances.

A few investigations have found CNN’s news feed has not yet covered his death or has any other leading media source. It seems most of the hits have been in Twitterverse.

Being a leading media outlet, would CNN proofread their Tweets before posting them? Los Angels isn’t a town.

Wayans is an accomplished actor, comedian, director and screenwriter and is well known host and creator of FOX networks comedy sketch In Living Colour. He has featured in over a dozen movies and TV series since 1982 some include Scary Movie, The Glimmer Man, Hill Street Blues and Cheers.