Keith Fitzhugh defied every boy’s childhood dream this week when he turned down an offer to join the New York Jets as a safety this season.

Fitzhugh has spent most the past two years trying to make it into the NFL and has been cut by the Jets a total of three times. After his last cut this year he found work outside of Atlanta as a train conductor.

The former NFL hopeful works full time to help his parents who live in Atlanta make ends meet.

After a series of injuries, the Jets made the call to Fitzhugh that they would like him to join them this season as safety. However, he opted to stick with his steady employment rather than risk the odds of being cut and unemployed yet again when his parents depend on him.

When asked about it Fitzhugh said he did realize it was a once in a lifetime chance, but he only had one mom and dad. “That’s a once in a lifetime chance,” he said. “I’d rather be there for my mom and dad”.