Kelly Ripa is sporting a shiny new set of crutches as she hosts Live with Regis and Kelly this week.

According to the former actress she has a stress fracture in her hip requiring the use of the crutches. She said that after weeks of pain she attributed to a torn muscle she finally saw a doctor. An MRI located the fracture.

The toughest part for the hyper host is learning that she has been banned from exercise for three to six weeks. She joked on set that she immediately informed the doctor that it must be a mistake.

The active mother of three did share her happiness that she required no surgery or special work.

When she debuted her new accessory, Regis shared his own medical tragedy. According to the co-host, over the weekend he sliced his hand open while using a box cutter. After a trip to the ER he ended up with five or six stitches.

Ripa jokingly accused her co-host of trying to out-do her injuries. “You saw my crutches and cut yourself back stage” she quipped.