The only thing I love more than reading a good book is getting a good bargain, so when I heard about this special promotion I was jumping up and down.

From Friday, August 29 until Monday, September 1 readers can get a copy  of Ken Scudero’s first book,  ‘Comfortably Awkward’ for FREE on Amazon Kindle.

I have reviewed Mr. Scudero’s work before and in my opinion this holiday promotion will give readers a chance to experience a great book by a talented author.

‘Comfortably Awkward’, which Scudero self-published in 2012, is an intriguing story about a man named Albert, who can’t seem to find his place in the world.

As he struggles (like most of us do) to make sense of things and where he stands he ends up on a road he may not be able to get off of.

The book is engaging and thought-provoking, giving readers an opportunity to lose themselves in complex characters that will make them question their own place in life.

In addition to ‘Comfortably Awkward” Ken recently had his second novel, ‘Missing Tomorrow‘ published by Luthando Coeur, an imprint of Zharmae Publishing Press in April of this year.

‘Missing Tomorrow’ is a sci-fi book that follows the trails and tribulations of Gem Jupiter, a detective on the planet Niribu in the year 2050.

As Gem fights mysterious, deadly forces readers will be swept up in all the mystery and intrigue, unable to put the book down.

Will you be getting your free copy of ‘Comfortably Awkward’ ?  Tell us what you think of this deal.