Kevin Smith, the film-maker responsible for Clerks and Chasing Amy, is heading to TV with a pilot.

Smith tweeted on Sunday afternoon:

kevin smith tweet

Smith is known for his popular podcast network, Smodcast. On the network he hosts several of his own shows and sponsors several other young talents.

Smith has heralded podcasts as an important new medium, and has challenged others to pick up the microphone.

He co-hosts Hollywood Babble-On with comedian Ralph Garman. The duo provides their own humorous slant on entertainment news, usually in front of a live audience.

The podcast almost became a show back in 2012, but the network wanted the stars to stop the podcast, something they were not willing to do.

AMC ordered a pilot and is set to begin filming. The network also carriers Smith’s Comic Book Men, a show filmed out of his New Jersey comic book store the Secret Stash.

This is not the first time his podcasts have led to other creative ventures. The filmmaker’s next film, Tusk, is a tale also spun out of a podcast, and is set to premiere in September at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Fans will have to wait an see if the Babble-on pilot is picked up by AMC. Until then, they can hear the popular podcast, as well as other Kevin Smith hosted shows, over on

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