23 year old Carlina White was reunited with her family after having been kidnapped at only 9 days old.

Carlina’s parents had taken her to Harlem Hospital in New York City with a fever when she was only days old. During the visit a mystery woman that had been posing as a nurse took the baby and left. Carlina’s parents issued a $10,000 reward and never gave up hope, but their daughter never returned.

Carlina spent her life in Connecticut and Atlanta living as Nejdra Nance. As she got older she became suspicious of her identity and the mother who raised her eventually confessed that she was not her biological mother.

Carlina began searching through websites about missing children. She stumbled upon a baby photo that resembled those she had of her herself. She made contact with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Through some investigation and a blood test they were able to positively identify her.

After 23 years of living as someone else, Carlina was reunited with her parents Joy and Carl this past weekend. All parties say it was as if they had always been together and she just fit right in.

At this time police are not certain if the woman who raised Carlina is the same woman who kidnapped her. Authorities are still searching for the kidnapper but no charges have been filed.