Kids Online Experiences StudiedA new report released last week is a study in what kids are experiencing online.

The Norton Online Family Report also studied the gap between what kids are doing, and what their parents believe they are doing, online.  The 2010 report surveyed 2,800 children and 7000+ adults in 14 countries.

The report said that 20% of kids feel that their parents have ‘no idea’ of what they are doing when they are on the Internet. Almost 50% feel they are more careful online than their parents are. And while parents seem to be aware of how much time their children spend on line, they are unaware of how much music and video downloading is taking place.

Nearly half of parents were not aware that they children had experienced negative emotions while online. Manyof the children reported feeling angry, upset, or afraid at times. 20% of children regretted something they had done online, and more than half felt some responsibility for a negative online experience. Seven in ten say they would ask for help from their parents if something bad happened online.

 Anne Collier, editor of and Co-Director of, and who worked with Norton on the report, said: “This report provides a rare glimpse into the online lives of young people in many countries – in their own words.  Not only does it send a clear message that the online safety and security issues around parenting are universal, it offers insights and information that can empower parents worldwide to help kids use the Internet safely and keep family communication about technology open and ongoing.”