Tripwire Interactive has officially announced Killing Floor 2, the sequel to the original game that was released in 2009.

The game is currently in development for the new SteamOS and the PC.

Set only a few months after the original Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2 takes place in a disease ravaged Paris and you’re fighting for survival. This sequel will be extremely similar to the original in many way, but Tripwire Interactive has decided to bolster one thing in particular. That’s right, graphics.

Tripwire has states that it’s new “high powered” persistent blood system will bring more immersion and fidelity to the genre. They’ve also taken weapons in the world and meticulously remade them to go into the new game. However, just because they include realistic rendering of weapons doesn’t mean that there won’t be any wonky ones. Tripwire has actually confirmed that there will be “mad scientist” weapons.

Tripwire also said that the game will include a new melee system,  six-player co-op, a perk system, and new enemies entirely.

Unfortunately, Tripwire did not specify a release date for Killing Floor 2.

While you’re watching the trailer below, make sure to leave us a comment to tell us if you’re excited for the new Killing Floor!