Kim Kardashian Speaks Out: I’m Happy For Bruce

Kim Kardashian West, reality-TV star and step-daughter of Bruce Jenner told the world this morning that she loves and fully supports step-dad Bruce Jenner, who announced on Friday he is transgender.

West, speaking exclusively with Matt Lauer this morning on the Today Show was the first of the Kardashians to speak publicly on Jenner’s decision to live life as a woman.

Bruce had said in his interview with Diane Sawyer that Kim was by far the mpst supportive of his decision, so her announcement isn’t really a big surprise.

Kim was eloquent and candid, saying that she:” couldn’t imagine having to live life hiding who she was”, so she is happy for Bruce and fully supports him.

Matt was to the point and respectful, asking her all the questions viewers have been wondering about, like how the family reacted, how they are really feeling and how Bruce is handling the spotlight.

On how the family reacted and is dealing with this situation, she said that there was a lot of laughter and tears and that they are very much a family and dealing with it just like they do everything else: together.

Kim said even thought the situation is new for them and an adjustment period the whole family supports him fully and is going through therapy to learn how to cope and interact.

Without naming names she said some are having a harder time than others, but stressed everyone is supportive and loving.

She explained that it is a learning process for everyone: they are learning things like what pronoun to use when speaking with Bruce and how to deal with the media.

When asked about how Bruce is, she said he  has found: “an inner peace” and was doing everything he could to make this easier for the family.

West also made it clear the family wants to do their part to help others in the transgender community, or anyone who is going through a similar situation like Bruce- so expect to see a lot more media coverage.

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